Installation of concrete and reinforced concrete structures is a fundamental and independent stage for the construction of structures in the construction field. This process involves the use of concrete and steel together to create durable and stable structures. The main stages of the work are reflected below:
1. Project development:
Before starting the installation of concrete and reinforced concrete structures, fundamental steps are taken, such as the design of the project, the purpose of the structure, the size and the choice of material.
2. Preparation of the foundation:
It includes the preparation of the ground on which the structure will be supported, the cleaning of the ground, compaction and excavation. A solid foundation ensures the stability of the structure.
3. Installation of molds:
It is the operation of installing the molds necessary to take the form of the concrete. This step ensures that the structure is correctly based on the desired image.
4. Iron production:
In order to ensure the basic stability of reinforced concrete structures, the preparation, cutting, bending and laying of iron structures are performed at this stage.
5. Installation of concrete:
It is the stage of placement of concrete poured into molds according to the shape of the structure. This step ensures the evolution and stability of the structure.
6. Structure management:
Timely and experienced management of the structure to strengthen concrete and steel against aggressive influences is one of the important stages.
Installation of concrete and reinforced concrete structures requires substantial and successful measures for the construction of various structures in the construction field. These works should generally be led by professional engineers and construction team and safety standards should be followed.

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