Road construction:
Road construction includes engineering and construction processes related to the development and construction of independent transport infrastructure in the area.
9.1. highways
The construction of roads is being carried out in order to create widespread and functional roads in the area. These works include various measures from road construction to illuminated signs. Roads are built to meet different transportation needs in cities and regions.
9.2. Airport runways
Airport runways include the infrastructure and lanes provided for the take-off and landing of aircraft at airports and aerodromes. These lanes have a critical role to ensure the overall functionality of the airport and the flight safety of the aircraft.
9.3. electric passenger transport (tram, trolleybus and aerial cableways) routes
Electric passenger transport roads are built for electric vehicles such as trams, trolleybuses and aerial cableways. These roads are designated for the operation of the main means of transport moving with electric energy in urban and intercity areas.
9.4. traffic tunnels and subways
Transport tunnels and subways are infrastructure and facilities built to provide fast, efficient and safe transport between cities and regions. These constructions are related to the construction and construction of railway lines under the seas or underground in the area.
9.5. railway lines
Railway lines are built to develop fast and accessible means of transport over large areas and regions. This includes intercity and international railway lines. Railway construction involves a number of processes including production, construction and operation.

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