Engineering-communication and network construction works include engineering and technical measures required for the development and construction of communication infrastructure. This process can be applied to individual buildings, complexes or large areas and includes the construction of telecommunications, automation, energy, water supply and sewage systems. Below you can find detailed information about engineering communication and network construction works:
Preparation stage:
At this stage, the purpose of the project is determined. Requirements, functions and performance standards for communications and networks to be implemented in the project are defined. A topological and security analysis of the surrounding area is being conducted.
Cable and installation work:
In addition, required cabling and installation work for communication services is carried out. This process involves placing and securely terminating the cable or network track.
Network setup:
If the project is intended for electricity, telephone, Internet or automation system, then at this stage, appropriate installation works are carried out. It includes the installation and regular adjustment of devices and equipment of these networks.
Automation and monitoring systems:
Building automation and control systems. This includes the installation of various automatic systems and sensors and, in addition, the implementation of a monitoring and control system.
Security and control systems:
Establishing control and security systems to ensure the security of communications and networks.
Final test:
Testing and commissioning of established communication and network systems. This phase helps to check the proper functioning and stability of the systems.
Engineering-communication and network construction works form the basis of modern infrastructure and are applied in a wide range from independent buildings to complex projects. These works play an important role in ensuring effective communication and infrastructure.

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