Construction and installation of special facilities:
The construction and installation of special facilities includes significant infrastructure and technology projects in various fields. Below is detailed information on radio communication, radio and television installations and towers, reservoirs and gas holders (gas storages), power transmission lines:
11.1. radio communication, radio and television installations and towers
Works in this area serve to provide communication and broadcasting infrastructure over large areas. Radio communications, radio and television installations and towers, help create safe and efficient transport for the effective dissemination of information and entertainment. The construction process is carried out with the optimal height and placement of structures, antenna systems and installation technologies.
11.2. reservoirs and gas holders (gas storages)
Reservoirs and gas holders are constructions used for storage, distribution and transportation of liquid and gas substances. These structures allow the transportation of water, oil, fuel and gas. The construction process is related to the selection of materials according to the size and durability requirements, corrosion safety measures and maintenance services.
11.3. power transmission lines
Power transmission lines are constructions used to supply energy from energy distributors and production sites to energy consuming facilities. The construction process includes the installation of high-voltage receptacles and pylons, the installation of power transformers and other equipment. Power transmission lines are built to ensure energy security and support the efficient operation of the energy system.
Constructions in these areas involve various aspects such as engineering skill, environmental control, selection of construction materials and measures for site safety. The construction and installation of special devices is carried out based on the relevant technical standards and safety measures.

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