Pile works include the process of excavating the area and providing the structure according to the project requirements. Pile work is an important stage in the construction field to ensure the stability of the structures and safety in thermal conditions. These works are applied in road, relocation, drilling and similar infrastructure projects for projects that have a large area. Below you will find more information about pile works:
Preparatory works:
The previous stage of the pile works is to specify the purpose of the area and define the requirements of the project. At this stage, there is analysis of the ground, preparation of the area and planning of pile measures.
Digging the foundation:
Excavation of soil or other materials on the face of the site during pile works. It is required to remove the required ground for placement of the structures specified in this project.
Pile Motors and Excavators:
Piling engines and excavators to be used in piling operations. This technical equipment is used for soil excavation and analysis.
Pile work is a critical step in ensuring that a project has a stable and stable foundation. Correct implementation of these tasks ensures that the project fulfills the relevant functions and requirements.

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