Facade work is the general name of the construction processes carried out in order to ensure the aesthetic and functional cleanliness, mirror and quality of the facade of a building. Facade works ensure the external appearance of the building, energy efficiency and stability. This process involves the use of different materials, technologies and design principles. Below you will find a detailed text covering the stages and basic principles related to facade works:
Preparatory works:
The previous stage of the facade works is the specification of the purpose of the project and the analysis of the facade of the building. Civil engineers and designers evaluate the properties of building materials and set requirements.
Selection of materials:
Selection of material to be used in facade work. These materials include metal, wood, composite panel, ceramics, etc. can be.
Thermal insulation and insulation:
Application of thermal insulation and insulation material in order to increase energy efficiency in facade works. This helps to reduce the amount of energy consumed by the building.
Security and Testing:
Testing the safety and effectiveness of the facade. It helps to check the stability and resistance of the facade.
Facade work is an important and directly beneficial process to provide a clean and interesting space to building owners and users.

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