Bridges, flyovers and highway overpasses are structures built to overcome geographical barriers in an area, regulate water transport, or organize road infrastructure efficiently and safely. The construction of these structures is carried out with the conscious application of engineering principles and technologies. Below is detailed information about the construction of bridges, flyovers and overpasses:
Bridge construction:
Bridges are structures for water transport, boats and ships. The design of bridges must be adapted to natural conditions and facilitate crossing rivers, seas and other waterways. Building materials include materials that are ideal for installation, such as concrete, steel or composite materials.
The construction of overpasses:
Trestles are constructions with a large surface that help to overcome the surrounding area. These structures extend the roads by crossing vast sea areas, valleys and rivers. The construction of overpasses should be in accordance with the topological and safety needs of the site. The construction process is carried out by selecting materials, organizing foundation, column and beam systems.
Construction of overpasses:
Road overpasses are constructions that connect two areas and are mainly used in mountainous and undulating areas. The construction of road crossings is carried out in accordance with the geographical conditions and the structure of the area. These structures can cross wide valleys and cliffs and connect road infrastructures.
The construction of bridges, flyovers and overpasses is carried out taking into account the engineering skills, technology application and the features of the site area.

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