1. Special earthworks:
Special earthworks which make up a large part of our activity, are divided into several types. The first part of the special earthwork that we will talk about is fixing anchors to the ground and building buildings using the "wall in the ground" method.
1.1. fixing anchors into the ground and constructing buildings using the “wall in the ground” method
This process requires immediate fixing of anchors into the ground to strengthen the structural support of the buildings. Anchors help anchor structures and buildings to the ground like walls, increase stability of structures, and help connect structures to sound landmarks.
1.2. construction of downholes and caissons
Downholes and caissons are important for the construction and management of water sources and aquifers. It aims to keep the soil moist and provide effective water supply for the crop. Water management system can be applied in cultivation areas or agriculture.
1.3. drilling and blasting and rock removal
This process involves drilling and blasting to remove bedrock or other difficult subsoil layers. It is designed for construction projects or other applications and may be required to prepare and prepare the floor for use.
These special earthworks are technical and construction processes that play an important role in construction, infrastructure projects and other engineering fields. In general, this type of work must follow the relevant safety measures and local legislation in accordance with the requirements of the project.

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