«Senergy Group» is a company that operates on a wide spectrum of projects and has experience in various fields. Our company operates in a wide range of fields, from the construction of new buildings and structures to repair and reconstruction works, infrastructure projects. «Senergy Group» company is an organization that has a wide project portfolio in the field of construction and construction and operates in various fields.
Areas of activity of our company:
1. The company implements projects with experienced specialists for special earthworks. It covers a wide range of areas including lifting, special ground preparation and engine projects.
2. Installation, construction and repair of concrete and reinforced concrete structures in projects.
3. Installation and repair of metal structures in accordance with engineering standards.
4. Installation of wooden structures based on customer requirements and project information.
5. Facade design, material selection, installation and repair.
6. Pile work is a critical step in ensuring that a project has a stable and stable foundation. Correct implementation of these tasks ensures that the project fulfills the relevant functions and requirements.
7. Engineering-communication and network construction works. Construction, repair and maintenance of electricity, water, gas, sewage and communication networks.
8. Construction of hydrotechnical projects, determination of water supply and drainage systems.
9. Road construction, road repair and reconstruction, asphalt works.
10. Construction and repair of bridges, flyovers and road crossings.
11. Installation and construction of special facilities according to the project.
12. Construction and design of industrial farms, commercial and office buildings, mosques and other civil facilities.
«Senergy Group» provides high-level construction services based on professionalism, quality and safety standards in accordance with the requirements of its customers and implements projects in accordance with the requirements of its customers with a team that has extensive experience and skills in these fields and provides quality construction services according to modern standards.