Hydrotechnical works:
Hydrotechnical works include engineering and construction processes carried out in various areas related to water.
8.1. underwater technical works
Underwater technical work is carried out by specialists working underwater. This includes underwater drilling, construction, repair and restoration. Underwater installation of transport, energy, telecommunication cables is also included in this field.
8.2. construction of dams (earth dams).
Dams are dams and consolidation structures necessary for water transport. The construction of dams is carried out for the purpose of creating reservoirs, providing water resources and regulating the waters of rivers and lakes. These works are organized according to the land and water needs in the region.
8.3. construction of ports
The construction of ports includes places used for water transport for commercial, insurance and defense purposes. Port construction includes infrastructure and construction works that enable marine vessel traffic, container terminal, car and cargo transportation.
8.4. construction of piers
Piers are described as structures built on the surface of the water and are metal or concrete structures raised approximately above the surface of the water. Piers are used for loading and unloading cargo for ships and other watercraft. The construction of piers is an important business area for seaports and ship terminals.
8.5. embankment works
Embankment works are carried out for protective structures and provisions built in the areas between the shore and the ridges. These protective measures against wave and water damage ensure the development of coastal areas and help to increase the resilience of the coast.
8.6. reservoirs
Reservoirs are large-capacity reservoirs built to store water resources. These reservoirs are sources that provide urban infrastructure, rural areas and various other areas. The construction and maintenance of water reservoirs is carried out in order to ensure water supply and water management.
Hydrotechnical works include a wide range and variety of projects in the field of water-related infrastructure and construction. These works have an important role for effective management of water resources and fast and safe construction of infrastructure.

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