Installation of metal structures is a successful process that ensures the creation of the most modern and effective structures in the field of construction. This process involves turning metal into strong and stable structures and is used in a wide range of construction projects.
Preparatory works:
This stage begins with defining the purpose and goal of the project. Engineers and architects specify basic information such as metal type, size, supply and assembly technology. Also, the topographic features of the area and its implementation are planned.
Assembly of metal structures:
This stage includes the preparation and assembly of metal. It includes the stages of cutting, bending, installation, joining and assembling of iron profiles according to the applied project.
Final test:
It includes final testing measures aimed at verifying that the assembled metal structures are safe and of good quality. It helps to check the safety, stability and functionality of the structure. Compliance of the installed metal structures with project requirements and protection measures are evaluated in this stage.
These stages include measures necessary for the effective installation and processing of metal structures. Each stage requires compliance with relevant standards, safety measures and project requirements.

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